Why Self-Service Analytics Has Gone Backward–and What To Do About It

But only if they have the analytics they need to make truly data-driven decisions. It might seem like the self-service. the why. Figuring out how to give consumers what they want, creating new.

Self-Service BI: What You Need to Know Almost 50 percent of respondents "strongly prefer" self-service, while a further 20 percent "somewhat prefer" it. Thus, more than two-thirds, combined, want to "do data" themselves,

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The impact of self-service analytics on the enterprise is profound in many ways. It considerably expedites access to data and analytic results, competitive tools can eliminate the previously dominant silo approach, and it puts greater amounts of data in the reaches of business personnel who actually use them.

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5 Steps to Self-Service Analytics that Scales 1. 5 Steps to Self-Service Analytics that Scales Self-service data-it’s more than just a trend. It’s the new norm. 2. The data revolution is here. And self-service analytics has become a given. But when the business wants access to raw data, it can be disruptive.

Organizations are embracing self-service analytics and business intelligence (BI) to bring these capabilities to business users of all levels. This trend is so pronounced that Gartner, Inc. predicts that by 2019, the analytics output of business users with self-service capabilities will surpass that of professional data scientists.

Predictive analytics is the practical result of Big Data and business intelligence (BI). What do you do when your business collects. ML and data analysis tools are now self-service and in the hands.

JReport is a leader in self-service analytics for embedded use cases and helps fill the gap mentioned in the previous section. With JReport, application teams can deliver the much demanded self-service BI capabilities their users demand without having to sacrifice UI, UX, or branding.

5 Rules for Successful Self-Service Analytics. However, as more business teams move to self-service analytics, these groups are struggling with how to best leverage and scale this new capability — and to overcome new challenges that business teams have not faced in the past.