Which city has the most vacant homes in the US?

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This article needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources.Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. This is an incomplete list of ghost towns in the United States

For those concerned if their city is among the top most frequented by this particular, and very unpleasant, breed of "zombies", here are the top 50 cities in the US in which zombie foreclosures represent the highest percentage of all properties in foreclosure. For those readers certainly located among the Top 10, now may be a great time to hit a bid, any bid and get out while the getting is good.

The site found Gary, Indiana, had an extremely high percentage – nearly 20 percent – of vacant homes. hilton head island, South Carolina, and Flint, Michigan, also had a very high vacancy rate.

Which city has the most vacant homes in the US? FOX Business – Jennifer Earl. If you live in a large Midwestern city, you may see more empty homes than usual. According to new research from 24/7 wall st., that’s where a "large number" of vacant properties in the U.S. can be found. The Bulk of the Vacancies.

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Fewer Vacant Homes In U.S., But 3 Out Of 4 Belong To Investors. Not far behind, at 12.1% was Youngstown, Ohio, followed by two Indiana cities – South Bend with 11.5% and Indianapolis with 11%. Weighed down by Flint and Detroit, Michigan topped the list of states with highest investment-property vacancy rates, at 10.3%.

Mallach’s analysis finds plenty of structural issues keeping cities and neighborhoods strewn with abandoned and vacant property, most notably the high legacy costs associated with empty homes.

Detroit is perhaps the most famous example of a city tortured by vacancies: There are 33,000 vacant homes there — give or take a few thousand that have already been demolished.