is not for everyone.

"The Chef" is pleased to present stimulating audio entertainment for the discriminating listener and RADIO FREE ASHLAND has provided the venue. If you are easily offended by things like vegetables used as sexual gratification devices, intricate drug delivery systems, and corporate scumbags who impose a false sense of morality upon impressionable young minds in the guise of POP music; then go away. Because.....

.....In these dark days of bad politicians, sexually deviant preachers, draconian drug laws, and just all around no fun people; The Chef is here to provide you with an outlet for your frustration. Humor is the antidote for the civilization we are being forced to survive and Rock and Roll represents the freedoms we Americans hold dear to our hearts. Of course this could be debated, but it IS - after all - my show.


The media whores that run the regular content/djjeff of radio and television should be put to death for their intellectual rape of the common man. Enjoy these archived bits of fun that are STREAM-ON-DEMAND capable. My apologies to anyone I plagerized or stole from. For those I offend; I am smug and unrepentent, there's no sense in complaining.

The truth shall set you free.

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A Drug Show


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