The Sunk Cost Fallacy – Let it go! –

Sunk. cost dilemma is basically what you go through before avoiding or falling prey to the sunk cost fallacy. The dilemma is determining if you are better off cutting your losses on the cost or.

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That’s the sunk cost fallacy at work, because the money is gone no matter what. You can’t get it back. The sunk cost fallacy prevents you from realising the best choice is to do whatever promises the better experience in the future, not that which negates the feeling of loss in the past. Let’s look at some more examples.

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Earlier today, a friend shared a link to an eye-opening article about how we all, from time to time, fall prey to the ‘sunk cost fallacy.’What this means is that things, people or events we have already invested time and money in, we tend to stick with, even after we realise that there is little or no benefit to do doing so.

We are dealing with a classic case of the Sunk Cost Fallacy. What is the Sunk Cost Fallacy? The Sunk Cost Fallacy is an economic theory that recognizes the difficulty people have with letting go of sunk costs – those investments and efforts they have already made in pursuit of some goal and make economically rational decisions for their future.

Reading Time: 5 minutes The Sunk Cost Fallacy – Let it go! Success in the area of personal finance is much more about behavior and habits than it is about math or head knowledge. Sometimes the behavioral aspects are pretty obvious, like using a budget, living on less than you make, and getting out of debt.

Let’s look at how these behaviors manifest themselves for. They believe their own holdings are more valuable than what the market is telling them. Sunk cost fallacy: Imagine you are in a restaurant.

"Seize the day, then let it go." Marty Rubin. The sunk cost fallacy is also often used as a powerful tool that we designers can use to make our products more "sticky". Games such as World Of Warcraft or Farmville are prime examples of the sunk cost fallacy at work.

As long as we’re talking about small business funding, let’s mention the mistake of waiting until. path that is likely to reach the customers you want. 5. Ignoring the sunk cost fallacy. You will.

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