Should staff who earn tips be paid less?

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 · This is a great system for the restaurant industry, because it lets businesses pay less than the minimum wage in almost every state. But it contributes to poverty among the waiters and waitresses who toil in diners and other inexpensive restaurants across the country. (Servers in higher-end places tend to earn a livable wage.)

All employees must be paid at least the minimum wage, including tip income. You (the employer) are not allowed to use employee tips except as a credit against the minimum wage. You can use the tip amount to offset what the Department of Labor calls the "required cash wage," which is currently $2.13. The current federal minimum wage is $7.25.

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The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) only allows employers to pay a lower rate if the employee makes enough in tips to make up the difference.

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The credit itself is the amount the employer doesn’t have to pay, so the applicable minimum wage (federal or state) less the tip credit is the least the employer can pay per hour. If employees don’t earn enough in tips during a given shift to bring their total compensation up to at least the applicable minimum wage, their employer has to pay.

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However, some employers will pay employees who earn tips the minimum hourly wage rate, and allow those employees to also earn tips (i.e., restaurant establishments) Retail or Service Qualifications. The Department of Labor identifies which businesses qualify as retail or administration foundations. No less than 75 percent of the business.

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