Should I buy a home for my student daughter?

Why buying a condo for your college kid could be a smart move. a family member who uses the property as his or her principal home. In this case, you can deduct tax losses from the rental.

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Share your thoughts in the comments -> did you know these facts about student loans?. "I took out $30,000 in student loans to pay for my daughter’s college. Now I’m 55 and nearing retirement, and my daughter can’t make payments because she doesn’t have a job yet.. My mother is.

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I did this. Fortunately, I had three of my four kids go to the same state school. All will graduate with no debt. I ended up buying four homes – the boys only lived in one of them. One thing I learned: you should buy properties that appeal to families and not just students – your pool of buyers will be larger.

Obviously, these options are not ideal because they’ll cost you more money in interest in the long-run. But, if your goals include repaying your student loans in 10 years but also buying a home now, you can extend the term of your loan repayment, buy the house, and then resume making extra monthly payments towards your loans so they’re paid off according to the regular schedule.

Why not BUY your child a student home of their own? IF YOU have just packed off your child to university freshers’ week you might be worrying about whether they are settling in, making friends.

How to Help Your Son or Daughter Buy a House.. It is known that buying your first home down under can be more affordable, which is why some people are checking out New Sensation Homes with a keen interest. Still, it would be nice. Given current market conditions, a compelling argument could.