Seniors face rent hikes despite rise in independent-living units

But there is a bright side. Rent hikes have at least slowed a bit from the peak increases seen over the previous few years, when it was common for annual growth across the region to exceed 10 percent.

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Senior housing is. pace since 2006. Despite new supply coming online for 2018, most respondents anticipate a rise in rents over the next 12 months, with independent living, assisted living and.

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munities, prompting a rise of new units. Ma-jority assis ted and independent living facili-ties are set to receive the bulk of deliveries for the foreseeable future, though the con-struction of memory care units is on the rise to meet increased demand that supports the care of seniors with dementia. Senior-care providers must balance in-

These types of communities come in various sizes and layouts, and are often part of a larger community that also offers housing for seniors that require care, such as assisted living or skilled nursing care. This type of larger community that includes independent living as an option is called a Continuing Care Retirement Community. The.

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By the end of 2016, the average rent for independent living units will rise 3% percent year-over-year, surpassing $3,000 per month for the first time, the report says.

 · In exchange, housing advocates made a concession to providers, allowing the maximum annual rent increase on occupied units to rise from the rate of inflation to inflation plus 2 percent.

Seniors, their children and grandchildren tend to meet at resorts, take cruises or rent private homes for family reunions. More than 50,000 Americans are age 100 or older. For the 2010 census the US government counted 53,364 people in this age group.

San Diego County tenants face the biggest rent increases. Rents there are projected to rise 10.6 percent there over the next two years to an average of $2,187 a month in 2020. Forecast highlights.

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Independent living facilities, such as Solana Preserve at Vintage Park, which opened in September on Hwy. 249, offer apartment units for seniors but do not focus on medical or memory care.

“Go to their units at 3 in the afternoon and they’re empty. People are out and about. This is all about high-end, independent living. a 59 percent rise, and Dallas recorded a 46 percent jump. For.