Recent claim of declining climate resilience in European wheat is not supported by the statistics used

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Kahiluoto et al. (1) claim that climate resilience of wheat has declined over the past years in Europe. They make several strong statements, including that some countries are "response diversity deserts." These conclusions are not supported by the statistics used.

Growing Climate Resilience for Wheat. REACCH project wraps up five-year run of helping farmers prepare for the future. Eric Odberg grows wheat and other crops near Genesee. He believes the University of Idaho’s largest-ever research grant brings growers new tools to face a future with climate.

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The Climate Resilient Wheat project focuses on promoting farmer initiatives in four areas: Experimental planting of drought resilient crops. Alternative crop rotations and shifting from monoculture to diversified planting. Low-till and no-till farming methods, and. Access to information from new forecasting technology.

Classes used in North america. soft red winter – Soft, low-protein wheat used for cakes, pie crusts, biscuits, and muffins. Cake flour, pastry flour, and some self-rising flours with baking powder and salt added, for example, are made from soft red winter wheat. It is primarily traded on the Chicago Board of Trade.

Fructan content of wheat grain varies by genotype, however, the utility of fructans as a breeding target to develop climate resilience, nutritious wheat varieties has not been examined.

So even if we solve the problem of production, we might exacerbate the problem of human caused climate. claim that they are essential to “feed the world,” but recent evidence indicates that so far,

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