r/RealEstate – Do I need a new buyers agent?

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Selling your house? You’ve got options. Find top real estate agents near you, field offers from buyers right now, or just learn more about the sales process.

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And if you store it in a portable unit, it can all be brought to your new home. removing personal photographs and other personal memorabilia allows prospective buyers. need an agent to hold an open.

An exclusive buyer’s agent will work solely with you and won’t take real estate listings of any kind. Agents that declare "dual agency" work for both the buyer and seller. But that could be a conflict of interest. To find an exclusive buyer’s agent, you can check out the National Association of Exclusive Buyer Agents.

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Hopefully, by now you understand why having a buyer’s agent when purchasing new construction is paramount to your success. additional helpful home buying References. Why home buyers need their own agent via Anita Clark. Do I need a Realtor when buying a new home via Kyle Hiscock. Advice for buying a new home via Paul Sian.

The answer is a qualified yes. If you and your buyer are in agreement on the terms of the sale, and if both of you are fairly comfortable reading a contract and understanding what it means, then you can probably do it. I did it once myself, as a c.

So if you’re planning a move, you’re probably also planning to hire a real estate agent. Before you do, there are a few key things you need to know that agents. you won’t reach as many potential.

He or she will help you avoid potential pitfalls, and in the end, hand you the keys to your new home. What agents do. To help you buy a home, your agent must have a vast working knowledge of the real estate market, including price trends, neighborhood conditions and amenities, real estate law, zoning issues, financing, taxes, insurance and.

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