Dr. Goliard Show
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Saturn's Return (Fresh!)
brand new orbital sounds from doctor

Mercury Retrograde
breaks - recorded at Cole House 3/27/02

Mass Transit
world fusion - recorded at Cole House 3/07/02

Ambient Entrance Dub Intrusion
chill - recorded at Cole House, 2/27/02

Goliard & Fanoe - The 2 AM Vodka Session
chill - recorded live at Dreamscape 9/28/01 for *816 Productions, this night is best remembered by the mix...

Live At IL Pirata, SF 9-15-01
world fusion - first san francisco gig, spiritually uplifting...


Alternate Route

Widespread Futuris


Odyssey of Displace

Fat Twos Day

Green House Dub

Kyoto Recall

Liquid Journeys

Mystery Mix Part 1

Mystery Mix Part 2

New Millenium Mix

Postmodern Rx

Satellite Remix


Dissemination I
world fusion - crafted for soul trekking...

Dissemination II
world ambient - sleep for the soul's return... (cable modem or faster)

LIVE - Channel 816 8-25-01
dub - recorded for *816 Productions on a random Tuesday in August...
(cable modem or faster)

Dub At Dreamscape

Ambient Classics Vol I
(cable modem or faster)

Blue Cellophane Wrapper

DR. Goliard creates sonic remedies for post-modern ills ... a World Fusion soundtrack ...
Image by Simeon Schatz.)

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